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Local Marketing for Pest Control Companies

local marketing for pest control companies

Google My Business (GMB) is such an important resource for your company and local marketing efforts. GMB helps connect customers to local businesses in their area by providing them with reviews, pictures, and information such as locations, hours of operation, and types of services offered. Additionally, it’s an easy and free way for companies to be found on Google search and maps. Although your pest control companies might have a GMB, you may not have it filled out properly or be updating it consistently enough. 

Google My Business Management for Pest Control

One of the services that the Hive Marketing Team can offer is Google My Business Management for your Pest Control company. If you don’t have one, that’s not a problem. We can create and manage your Google My Business page to help your local marketing efforts.

  • Track and increase visits and viewership 
  • Ensure you are getting more reviews and respond to the reviews promptly 
  • Consistently produce relevant and engaging posts
  • Update information and photos regularly
  • Engage with your customers by answering questions and utilizing the messaging option

Google My Business Optimization for Pest Control Companies

Optimization of your current Google My Business page will help you increase your visits and viewership of the site and get you more reviews. This can ultimately lead to more customers connecting with your business. Our optimization services will take your existing Pest Control Google My Business page and revamp it to reach a broader local audience and make them more likely to utilize your service over other local services. Optimization is a crucial step for your Google My Business page and Pest Control business to gain recognition in the local market and be successful.

Local Marketing Ranking Audit for Pest Control

If you want to make sure you are ranking well among your competitors, it’s important to make sure you are keeping up with the competition in your marketing efforts. We can help run an audit and determine what needs to be implemented on your site in order for your company to be more successful than competitors in your local market. 

More Local Marketing Leads Than Pest Competitors

With a properly managed and optimized GMB profile, you should begin to see more potential customers visit your GMB and inquire about booking. A well-maintained GMB should help your Pest Control Business win more leads than the competitors in your area.